Alumni Board

The Alumni Board of Trustees is the highest governing body of the MCIAGMA Alumni Association. Its mandate comes from its mass membership acting as a whole in the form of the Grand Alumni who meets once in every five years. The Alumni Board acts accordingly as mandated by its by-laws and with the direction and guidance of the Grand Alumni.

The 15 Board of Trustees and the Executive Officers were elected during the 1st Grand Alumni Homecoming on March 30, 2013.

Elected Board of Trustees

1. Ricbenson Marasigan
2. Rene B. Catly
3. Dr. Ferdinande Ferraro
4. Nehemias Gipan
5. Helen Literal-Layusa
6. Engr. Efren M. Reyes
7. Ross M. Delgado
8. Abner Jumig
9. Nofe Macalalad
10. Riza Garillo
11. Marife Basa-Tulio
12. Lyn Gozar-Mendoza
13. Ernesto B. Gutierrez
14. Atty. Ana Ofloda S. Delos Reyes
15. Nimfa Cabali

Alumni Executive Officers

Mr. Ricbenson Marasigan

Dr. Ferdinand Ferraro

Rene Catly

Marife Basa-Tulio
Asst. Secretary

Lyn Gozar-Mendoza

Engr. Efren M. Reyes
Asst. Treasurer

Atty. Ana Ofloda S. Delos Reyes

Ross M. Delgado
Public Relations Officer

Ernesto B. Gutierrez
Business Manager