We The Alumni

We, the alumni of Agustin Gutierrez Memorial Academy (AGMA), will at all times and in all places, strive to promote the good name and reputation of our alma mater. With dignity, we will demonstrate in our character an air of pride that will be noticeable and respected. With compassion, we will take advantage every opportunity to speak on her behalf, and assist in any way possible with the efforts of the school, in the recruitment of good students, in locating financial resources, and by making ourselves available for tasks that we are called upon to perform.

As members of this alumni organization, we will make effort on a continuing basis, to attract other well-meaning alumni and friends of AGMA, to join our attempts to assure her a long life of success, and achievement for her sons and daughters.

Keep on believing, AGMA sons and daughters
In our true spirit, We will rise together
Our love for unity, Be our guiding star
With faith and hope, Dreams can never too far

Let us march on… Bound with endless loyalty
Maroon and white, We sing with joy and glory

Our hearts we offer, Triumphant we will be
As we sing with pride, A new challenge we see

Keep faith dear AGMA, Thy brave sons and daughters
Our hearts kindle, With pride for you forever

AGMA.. rise and shine
We’ll always remember, With one true bright star
AGMA glares forever